Saturday 9 April 2011

Here comes the sun!

Another beautiful day and the Boy and I made the most of it and had a day trip to Greenwich. It's only 10 minutes on the train from where we live, but we decided to tourist it up to the max, and we caught the City Cruise boat from the pier by the London Eye for a leisurely trip down the river.

It took over an hour and was a beautiful way to take in the sights that are so familiar to us that we don't really look at them properly any more. It's easy to think "oh yes, there's St Paul's" and walk past. From the boat we could see our home town again with new eyes in slower, softer focus.

I love Greenwich. Once we arrived we sat in the beautiful park and had a picnic and read the papers leisurely, commenting on some of the stories of the day together. We then walked up the slopes to the Royal Observatory and took in the outstanding views - the Shard (right by where we live), the City of London,

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