Tuesday 19 April 2011

Back in business

Greetings! It feels like an age since I updated my blog. We went to Venice last Tuesday and we had the most amazing time - a stunning, beautiful, unique place. It was the perfect location for the Boy's Mum's 60th and the weather was very kind to us, the sun shining down on us every day glistening on the canals. I really enjoying wandering around and losing myself in the place. Another piece of history waited for us at every street corner, and soaking up the rich atmosphere was blissful. It's a very romantic place, and I loved sharing the time with the Boy, strolling hand and hand down little cobbled streets or across beautiful bridges, and just occasionally catching each other's eye and smiling. It was a happy time.

We were supposed to come back on Friday, but due to a baggage handlers strike by ATA we weren't able to fly back until Monday afternoon - so the trip unexpectedly doubled in length! This development had its upsides as we got to take in day trips to Verona and Treviso, but there were downsides as the Boy's Mum missed a big 60th birthday party that she'd planned, I missed watching my beloved City beat long-time enemies Manchester United in the FA Cup semi final to secure a place in the final (City's first final in 30 years!) and we also missed our 12 week scan which should have been at 12 noon yesterday. But we've managed to get another appointment for next Tuesday morning for the nuchal scan and tests, so we haven't lost out too much we just have a slightly longer wait - and as we've had the normal scan we are going to start telling friends and family this week. It's my grandma's 91st birthday tomorrow (hope I have her genes!) and I've put a note in the card. Plus we have our anniversary party on Thursday so we can tell most of our good friends in person then.

It was exciting telling the Boy's family the news. The Boy had the great idea of putting a picture from our scan in an envelope, and giving it to his Mum as an 'early birthday present' while we had breakfast in Gatwick Airport. She was really thrilled and it's great they know and can share in our special news, and be part of our excitement. I've enjoyed it just being the Boy and I knowing, but it feels right to have the families involved now.

I find myself a little nervous about beginning to tell our friends. I feel a bit superstitious that the more people know, perhaps the more chance there is of something bad happening. But I know that's just me worrying and being silly. It's the right time to begin to confide in good friends - we'd rather do as much of this in person as we can, and as we are seeing lots of friends and family this week and over Easter it makes sense to do this now. Starting with drinks with a couple of girlfriends tonight in Chelmsford... I'll let you know how I get on!

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