Tuesday 4 October 2011

Stunning Sardinia

Well, hello! It feels an age since I've been on here. The Boy and I are just back from a magical break in Sardinia. It was a fantastic trip, timed to perfection following a busy few weeks with my annual conference and the Boy's amazing efforts in the Great North Run.

We stayed in Baja Sardinia and it was beautiful. A perfect cocktail of relaxation, great weather, lovely scenery, amazing food - and some very nice local beers and red wines. Bliss. The Boy and I enjoyed quiet days on the beach, whiling away the hours talking, reading or snorkelling together. Late afternoon brought a few cold drinks in the bar and a couple of hands of cards, and then we either enjoyed dinner in the restaurant in the hotel - superb food and waiting staff - or ventured out to a local pizzeria.

It was exactly what the doctor ordered as I had been quite stressed and stretched before we left, and as it was the end of season the resort was very quiet and the hotel empty - at times the Boy and I had the whole private beach to ourselves, making it very romantic. I return refreshed, revigoured, and somehow even more in love with that Boy of mine. Spending 24/7 together for a week with barely a word said to anyone else was a beautiful bubble of luxury I wish I could enjoy more often. One day...

And so here we are back in London town. I feel a little uneasy about our approaching due date, we both do, but we are as rested and relaxed and united as we could be, so we stand together to face these difficult next few weeks. I will try not to taunt myself with the 'if onlys' of what might have been - but that is always easier said than done for me.

I take comfort in the Boy and our lives together. We are both really happy with each other, and we know we have blessings in abundance. We return from holidays to good families, loving friends, secure jobs, a happy home, and a stronger financial security than we've ever had. While what happens on the family front is in the lap of him - or her - upstairs, we know our dream of leaving our flat for a proper home can be realised as we have watched our finances fall into place in the last few months. There is much to look forward to ahead, and while the waters will no doubt be tumultuous over the next few weeks, I hope for calmer seas as the year draws to its close.

Here are some highlights of our trip...

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