Tuesday 4 October 2011

My Boy, the poet?

Yesterday, to make the most of the last hot, sunny day in London town this year (well, it was 3 October!) the Boy and I took the scenic route home and strolled down to Tower Bridge.

We enjoyed the walk down from Covent Garden, taking in the sights we know so well once again, this time bathed in unexpected October sunshine. It was really enjoyable, and I picked up a Peter Ho Davies book - the Welsh Girl - from the second hand booksellers under Waterloo Bridge that I've been wanting to read for quite a time.

I squeezed the Boy's hand extra tight as we walked along the river banks in the fading sunlight, our fingers interlocking easily with our familiarity and security. It felt good. One of our first dates was a walk along the river and I always enjoy the time we spend there. We stopped several times just to take in the moment, hold each other and kiss - perhaps reminded by that first flush of love that had blossomed here, or perhaps still a little infatuated with each other following our holiday.

We were going to head down to Browns where we normally go for an impromptu dinner, but this time we stopped for a bite to eat at dimt in More London - which turned out to be an inspired choice. We'd never been before but the food was excellent, and we bagged a table outside and were able to look out onto Tower Bridge, the Tower of London (finally free of scaffolding, hurrah!), City Hall, and the host of other attractions the Thames has to offer. This part of the South Bank certainly is my favourite part of London. It was really beautiful watching these landmarks encased in the orange tones of dusk, and then to see the blue skies fade to be engulfed with the dark swathes of night. 

We walked home hand-in-hand, silently but contentedly, taking in the surroundings and the night sky. I commented to the Boy that I found it a shame you could never see the stars in London - and I wondered why that was. His reply was that it's too bright in London, and "the darker it is, the easier it is to see the stars". A simple statement of the obvious I suppose, but something in his words really touched me and I stopped in my tracks. I found his phrasing beautiful, and strangely enticing and thought-provoking. I found myself looking at him once again with that feeling of wonder, aware that there is still so much of my man for me to discover. I pray I am given the time on this earth to do so. And I do believe it took us going to the heart of darkness and losing our baby, for me to really see and understand what a stunning bright star my dear Boy is.

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