Friday 25 February 2011

Mad about the Boy

The sun is streaming through the window as I write this, and my mood today is certainly a sunny one. The Boy and I had a lovely evening together last night and this morning I am reminded how happy I am to have such a wonderful and supportive partner. I've never had this before in a relationship and even four years on I still find it incredible and almost too good to be true. I suppose bad experiences in the past made me doubt this kind of 'happy ending' - if you want to call it that - was possible and that I have everything I dreamed of with the Boy.

He has really come into his own lately and been so supportive of me, and caring towards me, as we have begun to start a family. Since we found out I was pregnant he has been so affectionate and loving, and last night he was talking about how he wants to protect me. He had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and it sounds like he spent most of it talking to our GP about what would happen at my appointment with him on Monday. And we were reading more of the pregnancy book I bought together in bed this morning, and it is great to have so much input from him in everything.

I don't feel scared or alone as it feels like he really wants to share every stage of this with me - day by day, week by week. It is really something to have this level of care and concern from someone else and I count my blessings that we found each other and have such a strong relationship. I suspect we will need this as time goes on - whether this baby decides to stay with us or not.

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