Friday 18 February 2011

Are we?

Last night on the way home from our anniversary celebrations, the Boy and I picked up our second pregnancy test. I took it this morning, pretty convinced it would be negative - and it came back with '1-2 weeks pregnant'! I was really surprised and felt really happy - I rushed back through to the bedroom to show the Boy, who was just as happy. I was so excited, and a little bit scared... it seemed to good to be true, especially with the negative test just a couple of days ago.

But when the Boy left to go to work I decided to take another test - perhaps as proof that the first test was right, as I can't believe we could be so lucky that it's happened so quickly after all the horror stories that I've heard. This test - confusingly - came back negative, which has left me feeling very unsure about whether we are pregnant or not. The second test I'd drunk lots of water just before and didn't really need to go to the toilet, so I wonder if that was a misleading result. I know it's best to take a test first thing as that's when your pregnancy hormone levels are the highest... so I don't know what to believe and whether to be excited or not just yet.

So - next stop doctors I think, before I drive myself bananas, and spend a small fortune on pregnancy tests! The first appointment I could get with my GP is for over a week away. By then if my lady still hasn't arrived (am a couple of days late) I'll have a good indication that I might be pregnant, and if it arrives in the interim I'll know that I'm not! I'm not keen on this waiting game. It's very difficult for someone like me - patience isn't exactly a virtue I possess in abundance! - but I know it has to be done.

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