Monday 28 February 2011

Doctor doctor

Another day, another early wake-up... I guess I should start getting used to this! I'm a bit nervous this morning as I've got an appointment with our GP at 9.25am. I'm sure it's all pretty routine but I want everything to go well, and I think some of the nerves are excitement / butterflies as I'm looking forward to getting a midwife appointment and for everything to start to feel more real. And more safe.

The eight weeks goal is really in my mind, I understand that if we get to that point and the doctor or midwife has heard the baby's heart beat, then the chances of losing the baby become much reduced. The longer time goes on the more I know that I really want this baby. I've caught myself daydreaming a few times over the weekend about whether we'd have a boy or a girl, what they'd be like, what we'd call them, how our life would be... it's hard not to run away with my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Every now and then I see the Boy out of the corner of my eye and I know he's doing the same.

I still can't quite believe how lucky we might be, which is probably why I feel nervous. It almost feels too good to be true and I want every appointment to go as well as it can, so I can start to relax and believe this will happen for us.

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