Thursday 10 February 2011

Feeling gloomy...

Today has been one of those 'funny old days' and I've been a bit all over the place emotionally. I've been like a puppy, chasing my tail all day. I felt hyper sensitive to everything that happened at work; gentle teasing got my hackles rising - not that I know what my hackles are - and by the time I got to my tube station for my welcome journey home and found the station inexplicably closed (lord love London!) I was almost inconsolable and it was all I could do to hold back the tears. I'm putting this down to PMT, my lady is due next week, but maybe it is the other P... there's only a flip of a coin or a toss of a dice between them.

The Boy is out tonight - on a lovely boys adventure to a local beer festival with both our Dads and the Boy's brother - and I'm taking a little bit of time to indulge myself in thinking about my feelings, and also my ebay habit! I'm a bit of a mixed bag of nuts at the best of times. Today I must just be a little bit extra salted.

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