Tuesday 28 June 2011

Guilty pleasures

The Boy is out tonight having a few drinks with an old friend in London town, so I have a rare night in at Empire Towers on my own. I've done two loads of washing and dusted the flat, so with my halo shining I think it's time to kick back and relax. On nights like this, when it's just me at home, there's little I enjoy more than a couple of celebrity magazines and full control of the remote. Simple pleasures! Guilty pleasures, as I always feel slightly naughty for indulging myself in some of the more downmarket weekly gossip magazine titles, as if they are in some way beneath me.

Tonight, while perusing this week's heat magazine, I read with interest that the Wilson Phillips song Hold On is featured in the film Bridemaids. I am super keen to see this film, but I digress - Hold On is a song that takes me straight back to my early adolescence, as I was 13 when this was released in 1990. I adored this song, listening to the cassette over and over again on my red Sony walkman with large orange foam-covered headphones. Imagining myself as one of the band, belting out the lyrics into my red hairbrush in front of my red mirror (yes, red was my favourite colour at the time). Washed with nostalgia I've just looked this track up on youtube and I wasn't disappointed. It's every bit as I remembered and the video made me smile. I think I spent the whole of 1990 in a black halterneck top, or a white shirt buttoned up to my neck and tucked into my (stonewash) jeans, with a waistcoat over the top.

I feel a strong connection with this song to this day, and it's funny it's just popped back into my periphery, as so many of the lyrics are relevant for how I feel right now... "You could sustain", "Things can change", "Things can go your way"... Suddenly I'm 13 again. Twenty years ago. I wasn't such a happy person then, I won't pretend I had the best time as a teenager (perhaps more on that another time) but things could change then - and then can now. So I'll "hold on for one more day"...

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