Monday 8 August 2011

Shuffling forward

This afternoon I walked past Mothercare without wanting to cry. Sounds pretty mundane, but this is a real achievement and a noteable step forward for me. Previously accidentally walking past a baby shop - I surreptitiously planned my journeys to avoid walking past them - would have been enough to dissolve me into archetypal crazy lady cliche, so upset I could easily have lain prostrate on the ground and cried my own little river.

Today I noted the babies in the window display, but my first thought was - 'aaah cute' and then I moved on, not 'I want one' which would invariably lead into 'why did I lose my baby, what if I can't ever have a baby, why does everyone else have babies, why is everyone else happy, why is the world so cruel...'. So, a welcome little shuffle forwards back towards the land of normality, methinks. Let's hope I keep shuffling...

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