Monday 25 July 2011

Back to reality

Back from holidays, back to work and back to reality today. The Boy and I have had a wonderful week or so, first off away with the Beans family in Suffolk, and then at a wedding in Somerset. It was a real treat to have so much time together and we enjoyed the quality time with family and friends immensely. We packed the Suffolk holiday with really happy memories, including an awesome day at Latitude music festival, trips to Southwold and Aldeburgh, and a tasty trip around Adnams brewery. Happy days indeed. Some of my favourite times are captured below.

It was a good break and while the weather was typically British, it was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of our lives in London, and feel the breeze in my hair and the grass between my toes. I think it did us both some good, although the sadness I hold is staying with me at present - I am wishing it away as I want so badly to try and move on and feel happiness again, but I remind myself that sadness is the last stage of the grieving process and peace will surely come in time.

The Boy and I both feel strongly that falling pregnant again would be the best medicine for us... but it was not to be this month. We're both disappointed - I'd be lying if I said otherwise - but I think we're both getting much better at accepting that what will be will be, and we know my body may well need a bit more time to recover from what we've been through. In the meantime we are taking really good care of each other and are now building in a bit of quiet time. Some quality Mr and Mrs time is needed after so much time with friends and family, so we'll be shutting the door and having an abundance of chats and cuddles over the coming nights which I'm sure will keep us both on track.

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