Tuesday 5 April 2011

Where's your head at?

Today's thought for the day is - where's your head at? Not the Basement Jaxx song, but "the rostral part (from anatomical position) that usually comprises the brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth" - thanks Wikipedia!

I am all over the place today and I'm finding it impossible to settle down or concentrate on my work. I can't recall having felt so distracted at work before. Everything seems to be going in one ear and out of the other, and I've moved a couple of meetings I had in today until tomorrow as I feel so unmotivated.

It's an unusual feeling because I love my job and most of the people at work so much, but I suppose it's also natural that with all the changes going on inside my body, that's where my focus is. I imagine it's also a bit of a lull after the hard work and high energy that went into our march in London a couple of weeks ago. It's always the same after our annual conference - a week of mad, frenetic hours, and then an unsettling calmness as the media band wagon rattles on elsewhere.

I wonder if I will settle down a bit more once we've got beyond 12 weeks - I hope so, or I'm going to be a little fidgety nightmare for all my lovely colleagues!

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