Sunday 24 April 2011

The dawn treader...

Morning all. The starts seem to be getting earlier - 5.10am this morning. I'm starting to wonder if I might get more sleep when the baby arrives! I tried to get back off to sleep again, but while the body was willing the mind wasn't having it and was whirring into overtime mood (as usual) so I've decided to potter about a bit and then try and snooze when I've got some jobs out of the way. We're heading down to Kent to see my parents late morning and catch up on all their news, so there's a few bits I want to get done before we leave.

The Boy and I went out for a lovely anniversary meal last night to Silk - an Asian fusion restaurant attached to the Hilton by Regent Street. We had an amazing dinner and a perfect time. It was a really special night and both the Boy and I can't stop grinning from ear to ear at the moment. It's the same feeling as when we got engaged and then married - and we're both getting face ache again! It's as if telling everyone about the baby has let us relax, and now it's not a secret any more neither of us are holding anything like the amount of anxiety we were carrying with us before. While we're both a little nervous about our next scan on Tuesday, neither of us can wait to see our baby again, and we have a sense that everything will go as it's meant to be now.

My tiredness is still kicking in so I was ready to come home and collapse by 9.30pm. How times change! Party shoes have well and truly been hung up - and I'm actually loving that. The Boy and I both felt exhausted just looking at some young girls we passed on the way home in micro dresses and enormous heels just heading out for the evening. We've moved on from those days, and the Boy and I are both delighted that's the case - a reaction which caught me by surprise as we have both been complete party animals in our time, definitely the leaders of our groups on that front... first ones to a party and last ones dancing at 4am. I never thought I'd get bored of being out and socialising, but I think it's true what they say that you can grow out of it, and I am so ready for another dimension to our lives. I guess I have spent more than 15 years partying, which puts it into perspective somewhat! No wonder I've had enough and am ready for something new...

I'm hoping as we edge towards the second trimester the tiredness will ease up a bit. It's definitely been the hardest symptom for me to deal with so far. The nausea has been difficult but manageable, and I haven't really had any other issues as the metallic taste in my mouth and sore breasts only lasted about 24 hours. I'm someone who loves - in fact, needs - to be doing about five things at once, so to find myself sapped of the energy to even make a cup of tea has been quite difficult. Though also an eye opener. I've realised it is possible for me to do nothing and enjoy it, and I've come to understand that relaxing is actually quite nice and perhaps some jobs can wait and I don't have to be running around doing everything at once.

I picked up another pregnancy magazine yesterday, this time Mother & Baby. I'm still trying to find a pregnancy magazine that I feel speaks to me, and that I can really get on with. So far I've found them all as if they're aimed at someone else, with a few articles of interest but nothing that I can stick my teeth into from start to finish.

However there is one common theme with these mags. I find it completely bewildering how many different products there are to buy for babies - there seem to be every kind, type and colour of pushchairs on the market with functions I don't even understand let alone know if we need! And I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about which moses basket, cot and changing table we should get - and that's before we get to all the smaller bits! I think I'm going to meet up with some of my mum friends over the next few months and pick their brains and get a shopping, or 'wish', list together of what we might need. I have a tendency to over fuss and over plan and, as much as I love a good shop, I don't want to buy lots of lovely things that we won't use.

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