Tuesday 15 March 2011

Another mini milestone!

Another week has passed and yesterday I was eight weeks pregnant - another mini milestone! The weeks seem to be passing so slowly for us at the moment. I'm sure if the pregnancy continues time will go by more quickly, but it seems to be taking an age for one day to move into the next... we're so keen to get to 12 weeks we want the time to race away! It's still three weeks until my booking appointment, and four weeks until the precious scan.

We had a lovely weekend celebrating my sister's birthday with my parents back in Kent. And because the celebrations included a spa day (booked a long time ago) with treatments I could no longer enjoy, we told my parents, my sister and her boyfriend at the dinner table on Saturday night - so our secret is (slightly!) out.

It was very nerve-wracking telling them. I was a little worried about how everyone would take the news - and as I've said before I also have a nagging fear that we shouldn't have told anyone before the 12 week point. But we didn't really have much of a choice as we couldn't think of any suitable excuses why I suddenly couldn't take part in any of the spa treatments - or in the champagne drinking!

But everyone was really happy for us and it was lovely to be able to talk about the news with my family. I really, really hope we get the chance to tell the Boy's family after our scan too - I know how happy and excited they will be for us as well.

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