Thursday 24 February 2011

Mummy was an alcoholic?!

So - four days since our positive pregnancy test and three people have asked me if I'm pregnant! My sister, one of my oldest friends, and a newer girlfriend. All because I've been laying off the sauce... Keeping this QT for seven more weeks is going to be difficult!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry that I was obviously such a big drinker before that folks can't believe I'd abstain on booze for any other reason. I guess I have worn out my party shoes several times over, so people close to me will notice me calming down and wonder about the reasons why. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I'd have almost cut out booze - it hasn't agreed with me a lot lately, has made me feel sad, maudlin and anxious, and I've had trouble sleeping. It also hasn't done my waistline any favours!

So... seven weeks of secrecy to go. I know other people share their news earlier than their first scan, but I am nervous and superstitious about pregnancy. I'd rather wait until we are in a slightly safer position before I share our news, and also it gives the Boy and I some time to ourself to think about it and explore how we feel and what's ahead together.

I bought The Rough Guide to Pregnancy on Tuesday (honestly!) and yesterday the Boy and I flicked through it cuddled up in bed together - reading what we can expect at the stage we're at. It was a special and happy moment, and if keeping my mouth shut for a bit longer means we get a few more of them, then that's ok by me.

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