Tuesday 13 March 2012

On the move...

This week has begun well - in fact, Mondays are swift becoming my favourite day of the week. We have a buyer for the flat!

The Boy and I are both trying not to get too carried away - but an Italian girl who'd first seen the flat last Monday popped back over again on Saturday morning with her sister (and gorgeous two-year-old niece!) and seemed absolutely smitten with the place. She was speaking very engagedly about the flat with her sister - my Italian is non-existent but we took it as a good sign we heard the word 'perfecto' several times!

Yesterday she spoke to the housing association about proceeding with the purchase. We now have a few days to wait while paperwork and finances are checked, but I'm feeling optimistic. And I know it sounds funny, but I am also quite relieved that we are probably leaving the flat in the hands of someone who I feel will love it as much as we have.

So - it feels like we are on the move, and things are coming together nicely. The house we love in Kemsing is still on the market and there has been no further interest since our initial offer was rejected last week. We're hopeful that if we go back with a higher offer, and a buyer lined up for our own flat, that we will be more fortunate.

It almost seems too much - we are on the verge of the next really exciting chapter in our lives and I can almost reach it, but it's just beyond my fingertips. Tantalisingly close, but still far enough away to be unreal. We have to hold our breath and hope for the best... but I've a strong feeling in my bones that everything will work out well for us. Let's hope so, eh?

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  1. Oh I will keep my fingers crossed and hope it all works out!