Tuesday 24 January 2012

Home is where the heart is

The Boy and I have spent much of the last couple of weeks preparing to move - we've been to see financial advisers about mortgages, we've scouted out some homes in the village we want to move to, we've had an early Spring clean to dispose of unwanted items, and later this morning we are having the energy certificate done for our flat so we can go on the market. We should get the flat valuation done in the next few days as well and once that's done and we accept the valuation, we are all systems go. We're in a strong position and seemingly there is demand from both the housing association and the open market for buyers for flats in our development.

I feel a real mix of emotions as our days in London town begin to draw to a close. I've lived in London for over a decade, first renting for 18 months and then as a mortgage slave. I've had some real highs and lows in this city, but it is incredibly special to me.

In this flat, I have mostly happy memories. I bought it as a single, independent woman over five years ago and as soon as I moved in everything began to fall into place for me. A few weeks after I moved in I began volunteering at the bereavement charity in Kentish Town where I still work on a weekly basis, and within a matter of months I had begun the job where I still am now (the longest I've stayed in a job by far) and I had met the Boy. Hence the flat has always been filled with love and light, and people comment on the warm and happy atmosphere when they come round for the first time.

There have of course been sad times here for us - the losses of last year were cried out inside these walls - but for the most part I've been happy in this flat. The Boy and I have had some wild parties here, some decadent dinner parties, and some silly nights together just us two. So I feel a little sad leaving this beautiful flat behind, as we begin to prepare for what will be our next home. I hope those who follow us will be as happy as we've been - and I hope our new home will serve us just as well as this one.

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  1. I'm so glad you can see past the bad times and look at how much you loved your time in your home. I hope your next home is just what you are looking for.