Friday 6 January 2012

Blossom in the trees, you know how I feel

I've had a really happy few days being away from work this week. It's been good for me to take a few days for myself while the Boy has been back at work, and to indulge myself in what I want to do - reading, writing, cooking, tidying, going to the theatre and watching some interesting films.

I can't even remember the last time I had free moments like this, where the day was my own to structure as I want to. When I look back at last year my overwhelming sense is one of chasing my tail and being on a merry-go-round that I couldn't quite escape from. A bulging diary that seemed to be relentlessly pushing me along. Sure - when you're on a fairground ride there are some amazing highs, but there can also be dips, twists and turns, and when you can't find a way to escape the roller coaster then you can be left dizzy, nauseous and fatigued. And I feel that's what happened to me.

These precious few days have helped get this year off to a positive start for me. I feel like a tree coming towards the end of Winter, my branches have been cold, heavy and barren - but now it's Spring and there's a tingling in my trunk and blossom petals are beginning to open around me. Life feels like it's there for the taking again - and that's what I intend to do.


  1. Thank YOU! So glad you have made that time and reminded I need to make that time too. Hope you keep feeling energised from this time. xx