Thursday 19 July 2012


So today I am 31 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow it will be just two months until our baby's estimated due date, although I know that means diddly squat in real terms! But in my head it's another little marker at any rate. I am so delighted to have made it this far... back in the early days it didn't seem to be possible I could be lucky enough to have a successful pregnacy, but (touch some wood, rub your lucky rabbit's foot and toss that salt over your shoulder please!) all appears to be going fairly well. I could gush on for paragraphs about how much I love my baby - but suffice to say, I am one very thankful lady that fate seems to be smiling on us this time. Considering I first fell pregnant back in February 2011, this baby seems to have been a long time coming - but I know many other folk have it much harder than us.

We had a bit of a scare earlier in the week - it seems I am carrying just slightly too much amniotic fluid. It's only marginally above normal levels, but this can be a cause for concern. I got whipped into St Thomas's Hospital for some (more) blood tests but everything came back normal - in fact, better than normal, my blood sugar and iron were both at excellent levels. And as Baby Beans is measuring normally and not on the large side, the health professionals don't seem especially worried that it is anything more serious. However, because it isn't exactly normal I do need monitoring, as it's quite likely if I continue to have this level of water that the baby will come early - partly due to the amount of water around baby making it more likely for my waters to break, and for the weight of the bump to become an issue so it's possible I may be induced (gulp). So it's back into Hospital next week for me for another scan and a chat with the consultant about what might happen. Of course it's entirely possible my levels will sort themselves out before then, and no decisions need to be made right now - but I am open to doing whatever is best and right for us, and now that Baby Beans is getting closer to the due date I know that there is a lot that can be done on the outside if an early delivery is what lies ahead.

Pics of me and the 31 week bump - excuse the tired eyes! Baby Beans doesn't like sleeping when I do...

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