Friday 30 March 2012

Good things come in... fives?!

We had some great news this morning, that the offer the Boy and I had put in on the house we love in Kent has been accepted. It's been a very tense week with the negotiations going backwards and forwards - but we seem to finally be there, and now it's time for the solicitors to be instructed and the (reams of!) paperwork to begin. Woo hoo!

It seems like we are having a pretty blessed period in our lives right now - first of all with the pregnancy, something the Boy and I want so badly; then with selling our flat so quickly; thirdly the Boy worked his socks off and smashed his objectives so achieved 125 per cent off his bonus; then some friends I am very fond of asked me to do a reading at their wedding next month - and now this, the house we have fallen in love with could be ours in as little as three months.

It's a nice position to be in - after the lows of last year these highs feel even more precious, and I can't wipe the smile off my face! I'm really hoping this could be a vintage year for me and the Boy. It sounds pretty sappy, but I can't think of anything I want more than a quiet life with him and a family to raise together. The me of 10 years ago would laugh at the me now - then I was so committed to my career and was driven with ambition to achieve and succeed. Now, my priorities have changed. I've had much joy and pride from my job - although also much hard work and tears - but I'm ready for something else now. The next chapter if you like.

And talking of chapters I have finally finished the novel! It took me four months to write in the end - which I don't think is too bad an effort. Although I suspect the job is only half done, and the editing process will be where the real skill and commitment comes in... We will see!


  1. So happy for you! COngratulations on the house! :)

  2. Awesome news!! We are so pleased for you guys x